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Therapeutic Laser Therapy

Class IV Therapeutic Laser

Class IV laser therapy uses infrared energy and treats tissue much deeper in the body than previous laser applications. Effectiveness has greatly increased and treatment times have decreased.


Therapeutic laser has been studied for over 30 years after cancer researchers found that "low level" laser had a stimulating effect on cells that caused surgical wounds to heal much more quickly. The FDA approved therapeutic laser in 2002. These "low level" lasers have been used successfully since and are classified as I-III. They stimulate cells with photon energy which causes them to actually change their biochemistry, especially the biochemistry of pain and healing.

WHY CLASS IV LASER?   laser_picture.jpg

Class IV laser has been approved by the FDA and is the most powerful therapeutic laser available. This penetrates twice as deep into the body as low-level laser. Since it is much more powerful, treatments that previously lasted 10-20 minutes now only take 1-2 minutes.



Class IV laser can be a very effective treatment in any condition where an area of the body within 2 inches of the surface is inflamed, damaged or is degenerating.  This includes:

·       chronic pain

·       fibromyalgia

·       joint pain (acute or chronic)

·       carpal tunnel

·       plantar fasciitis

·       hip/knee/ankle inflammation

·       shoulder/elbow/wrist or hand inflammation

·       back pain (muscle, ligament or disc)

·       wounds

·       nerve regeneration

·       bone growth

·       neck pain

·       face pain

·       TMJ, shingles

·       trigeminal neuralgia

·       tendonitis

·       arthritis

·       bursitis

·       tennis elbow

·       muscle or tendon tear

·       Osgood Schlatter syndrome

·       Piriformis syndrome

·       IT band syndrome

·       Sever's heel pain


Usually the patient feels nothing at all other than the touch of the laser probe. Sometimes there is slightly warm feeling in the area and general relaxation.  Doctors use specific amounts of time to provide the correct dosage for your condition. Treatment is most effective when performed frequently over the course of several weeks. Patients often experience a decrease in pain by the fifth treatment. 10-15 treatments are usually needed to achieve long lasting benefit.


The light energy is absorbed by chromophores on cells and converted into cellular kinetic energy.  The cellular photostimulation (effect of laser on cells) INCREASES cell proliferation, secretion of growth factors, endorphin production, activity of fibroblasts and chondrocytes, mitochondria and ATP production, angiogenesis and RNA DNA synthesis and peripheral nerve regeneration.   It DECREASES prostaglandin E2, substance P, Cox 2, peripheral nerve degeneration and edema.


A series of 5 treatments is $100. Insurance companies do not yet cover laser therapy. Our fees are about half of what other facilities charge due to the short treatment times that Class IV laser allows.

Class IV Laser therapy can be an excellent choice for many issues. Ask one of the doctors if this may be a good treatment option for your situation.


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "The staff at Powell Chiro is excellent- very professional, knowledgeable, efficient, and personable. I had a great experience and will come back in the future for additional adjustments, etc. as needed."
    John Bohn, 2017
  • "The therapies were successful beyond my wildest hopes, I went from bed-ridden to being able to be active."
    Charles, 2017

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