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February 2021

Spotlight: Acupuncture, along with nutrition: Vitamin C, Cellular Energy and Oxy Pro.

MINDFUL EATING  (We have been doing a daily Face Book Post to help us re-connect with mindful eating, you may not have social media, in case you would like to join, here are the posts:)

#1 Happy New Year! This January, we are going to start a "Virtual Cleanse!" Think of it like cleaning out your closet, tidying up from 2020, but unlike Cleanses we have done in the past, we will post ideas, daily tidbits and resources for you so that you can go at your own pace. So for today, start drinking a little more water: do you have a water bottle? Get it out and fill it up (and then do it again!) Cheers! Your 2021 is off to a great start!

#2 Get a journal:

Its 2021 and its time to start writing things down.

In his book, Atomic Habits, James Clear discusses the idea of getting 1% better every day, “the effects of small habits compound over time.”  Progress that happens slowly and consistently over time is sustainable, its real change that makes a big difference.  Get a journal, write your goals for your year and then start a daily/weekly /monthly to do list.  If you do one thing every day to work towards that goal, what would it be?  This is not a sprint and tackle list, it’s a step by step list, my first step to drinking more water every day may be digging my water bottle out and then the next day it may be filling it up and the next day it may be filling it up and finishing it a second time.  So many great plans are derailed because we take too big of steps or we don’t do the small things to get us to take the first step.  A journal, a phone (Dr. Powell’s favorite: an index card) with a daily “to do” list, it feels great to cross things off your list, and why not put down those steps that will help guide you in the right direction.


#3 Start Logging your daily food intake

For the next few days, start writing down what you eat, what time you eat and how you feel. Along with your daily goal(s) writing down what you eat, how many times you filled your water bottle and if there is anything else (maybe how you slept or if you have health issues you are dealing with, for instance: "slept the whole night/8 hours" or "BM today" I hope thats everyday!) putting it in writing helps us figure out our patterns and where we need a little help! Doing this for the next several days will help us build a road map for success! No judgement here: just write it down! We will come back to this next week and do a little spruce up where its needed!


#4 Many years ago Dr. Powell shared a copy of Brian Tracy’s book, “Eat That Frog” with me, (it’s a book about how to stop procrastinating) and I find that  I need to constantly work on this so keep it in my car to listen to, and am reminded that I need reminded.  (It’s on Audible for $6.95, not sure if they updated it, but my version has zippy eighties synthesizer music, I love it! :P)   Mr. Tracy suggests an easy 4 question check in that is great to jot down in your journal:

  1. What am I doing physically that I should do more of?
  2. What am I doing physically that I should do less of?
  3. What am I not doing that affects my health that I should start doing?
  4. What am I doing that affects my health that I should stop doing?


#5 Make a grocery list:

Keep track of your food intake over the weekend in your journal and keep track of your water intake. How are you doing with the questions from yesterday?  Have you been able to identify a few things? 

If we decided to start Monday and limit/eliminate some items from our diet, how would it work best for you to start?  Take inventory of the food you have available to you, how do you want to eat?  Make a grocery list: Vegetables, fruit, meat/ eggs.  Make a list, a plan to shop/online shop and time to prep your food once its home, only get items on your list.  Eliminate any purchases with added sugar, eliminate any processed foods and flour (so no bread, pasta or crackers).  Do some meal planning and think of your week ahead.  Have you tried to do this before but felt terrible (“detox flu”) if so, here are some links from our favorite products to help your body metabolize the processes of elimination so that you feel like you are nourishing your body!  You are going to feel great!


#6 Happy Monday!

Did you put it in your journal? Today we start the journey to clean out foods with added sugar, processed foods and flour (and alcohol). Its going to work out great because we planned ahead: grocery shopping and food prepped, drinking more water, writing in our journal and asking the 4 questions (from day 4 post on 1/7/21 post) questions. Take a peek at your food journal and see where and how you can insert one cup of vegetables.


#7 How are you doing with your vegetables?

From the Microbiome Project, it was found that people who ate more than 30 different types of plants a week had healthier, more antibiotic resistant in their guts than people who ate 10 or fewer plants...Start keeping a tally of your daily plant intake, how can you increase it? I love this shopping list from the Whole 30 program. Add a few never purchased veg to your list and see how you can start increasing your daily vegetable intake.


#8 Pay attention to how long you go in between eating. We often find that our patients will struggle with weight loss, but when we peek at the timing of their food journal, there will be times, when once you have started eating, there will be periods over 3 hours when there is no fuel/food intake. Once you have eaten your first meal of the day, try not to go over 3 hours without eating something again to help regulate your blood sugar. This is where planning and food prep comes in, it seems that most people, if you go past 3 hours will tend to over eat or eat something that gets sugar to your system quickly. For the next few weeks, plan for daily foods that are readily available to you so that you do not go past the 3 hour mark.

#9 Listen to how you are talking to yourself.

Gandhi said, "I will not let anyone walk through my mind with dirty feet" and neither should you. If we are created in Gods likeness, then we need to be careful with how we speak to ourselves. One of my least favorite sayings is, "its 'killin' me." (Is it really? I hope not.) Please start being kind to yourself, use kind language, forgive yourself mistakes and move on. How's it going doing more of what you should be doing? (Water, journal) and how are you doing letting go of a few things? Please start being kind to yourself, use kind language, forgive yourself mistakes and move on. Talk to yourself as if you are talking to your best friend.


#10 Happy Friday!!  “Get to Vs Have to”

Since we are thinking more about the way we speak to ourselves; I love John Gortons perspective that life is a gift, not an obligation.  (We are big fans of his book, “The Energy Bus”).   We are so glad that you are on this journey with us to be more mindful about what we are feeding ourselves (literally and figuratively!)


#11 Saturday! , hope you are having a great day and time to relax and enjoy!  If you have not, make sure you have your grocery list ready to go so that you have healthy fruit and vegetables available to you.  Do you have time set aside to do some meal preparations and to clean and prep your vegetables so that they are ready to go for your week?   Great job writing in your journal and keeping track of your water!  Start thinking about feeding yourself as if you are feeding someone very important!


#12 Sleep

Your body needs sleep to heal.  How do you sleep?  Its important to be getting between 7-8 hour of sleep every night, getting less than that can cause all sorts of problems from slowing healing to slowing your mental sharpness and often our body signals us to eat for fuel (and typically something that produces quick fuel like sugar or carbohydrates) when what we really need is sleep.   How is your sleep hygiene?  Journal your routine:  bed time, wake time, how long does it take you to fall asleep, do you have a bed time routine? TV/phone before or in bed?

If you don’t have a routine, start one: set a goal to be in bed at a certain time and then start the process to get there, don’t fall asleep on the couch, don’t eat before bed, have your journal near by and put a few things on your “to do” list for tomorrow, turn off all electronics and sleep.  If not, call us and lets set up a time to talk about this specific to you.

# 13 (Mon, 1/18/21) “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” Dr Martin Luther King

I love this quote from Dr. King and one thing I know for certain is that it has to start with the person looking at you in the mirror. Take inventory today of what you are doing that serves you, what are you proud of? What are you feeling great about? Write it down in your journal! Extend yourself the kindness and light you are (or are going to start) sharing with those around you!

#14 (Tues. 19th) Easy your mind… with a little help

Sometimes it’s hard to quiet your mind.  Over this past year, there has been lots of opportunity for anxious thoughts or just not being able to shut their mind off. One of our favorite supplements to aid in quieting the noise is Trancor.

Trancor is a supplement that was formulated to balance the calming effects of GABA and the excitatory effects of Glutamate. We all love and use Trancor here and suggest it to many patients. Dr. Powell in particular recommends to a large majority of his neurological patients! Here is a video of Dr. Powell talking about the benefits and effects of Trancor.

AND BONUS… Trancor is 10% off in our office for the rest of the month!

#15 (Wed 1/20) “Feed Your Happy” is a line from a commercial, unfortunately they are selling something that is very temporary and not particularly healthy. What are you doing to feed your Happy? Getting better Sleep habits? Adding Movement to your day? Connecting with family and friends? Does a little time in fresh air feed your happy? Be your own best friend, Have your own back and be the defender your moments and habits that grow you into a stronger healthier better you.

#16  (Thursday Jan 21) As we cleanse our physical bodies to make them healthier, lets spend a little time to look at our mental health. Close your eyes and take stock of your friendships (this includes social media): Is there anyone in your life who is negative, the glass is always half empty, quick to judge? Maybe its time to start nurturing relationships with people who love you for who you are, make you laugh, bring joy into your life and maybe even challenge you to be your best self. Friendships should not drain us, they should be your refuge for love and laughter!

“Even if you cannot change all the people around you, you can change the people you choose to be around. Life is too short to waste your time on people who don’t respect, appreciate, and value you. Spend your life with people who make you smile, laugh, and feel loved.”

― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

# 17  (Friday Jan 22) Habitual or Intentional?

We sometimes have habits that seem to just happen. The route we drive to and from work. The brand of drinks we toss in our cart. Turning on the evening news and grabbing a plate of food or a snack. At some point we made a choice, but by now it’s a habit. We made a choice, but is it a habit that is improving our wellbeing? We call these our automatic or unconscious habits. When eating in front of the TV or at our desk as we keep on working we are creating a habit we would do well to replace. Consuming calories while busy focusing on other things often leads to over consuming. Little changes can give us big returns. The Intentional choice to change can bring space for a new habit. Something kinder to your body and mind. Be deliberate in improving your health. When we look at our food journals, what if we deliberately tried to bring up our good food and good eating habits by making one change? If we eat 4 times a day each week we have 28 opportunities to choose better. What’s your percent, can you improve?

Try having a glass of lemon water or herbal tea available instead of snack foods. Almost zero calories and good comfort, replace a quick snack with Clear-Vite.

Have a seat at the table and engage your senses. Look at smell and enjoy each bite. Set down your fork between bites and enjoy conversation if you dine with others. Slow down and feel when you are satisfied.

in·ten·tion·al, done on purpose; deliberate

#18 (Sat Jan 23)

Favorite Green Smoothie:

2 cups fresh spinach

1/2 banana (eliminate if trying to reduce all sugars)

1 cup frozen berries

1 cup filtered water

1-2 scoops Clear Vite

Put all in a good blender and enjoy!!


#19 (Sunday Jan 24)

Tracking your veg intake is easy with a tracker. The tracker on our website can be printed and help you follow your progress as well as give you options to incorporate in your growth. Younger Next Year written by Dr Henry Lodge MD is a wonderful source of encouragement. The good Doctor reminds us that each day we can make choices toward “growth or decay”.  Each day is a fresh start and baby steps count. Try to add one more veg or fruit a day, It’s not a sprint, just a gentle conversion to growth and away from decay.

Let us grow into a mindset of offer ourselves and others grace in place of judgement.

(with instruction to go to website NP center -> Nutrition Forms -> Veg Chart.

#20 (Monday 1/25)“Too many Veggies are hard on my stomach”. If this is you, you might wish to consider digestive enzymes. As we age our bodies product smaller amounts of our own digestive enzymes. Helping our food break down particles so that our GI tract can absorb is very important. Digestive enzymes taken with meals create a positive environment for digestion and absorption. Another aspect of absorption can be our rush to eat, our focus on stress and getting a “quick bite”. We do ourselves a disservice when we brush off the moments of connection with our family and the joy of enjoying a meal vs. gobbling food to get on to the next thing.  Relaxing and enjoying the time of eating and digesting sets us for meeting a basic need for healthy growth.

#21 (Tue 1/26)  We are learning the importance of micro nutrients in our eating plans. They are vital to the immune system muscles brain, bone and heart functions of the human body. The Standard American Diet (abbreviated SAD ironically) is sorely lacking in this modern age of processed and prepackaged meals. Sometimes we need a backup plan as we transition. Not to Worry: NutriDyn Fruit and greens is an easy and convenient way to add fruits and veggies in a pleasant tasting drink. Nurturing your body as you more towards incorporating fresh foods into a daily habit.

"May your choices reflect your hopes not your fears" ~Nelson Mandela

(You can order Fruits & Greens from our Website: Click the "More" tab, drop down to the Powell Chiropractic Online Store there is a link for the NutriDyn store, there is also a great Kids version of this drink we love!)

**I missed 1/27

#22 (Thurs 1/28) Looking for some great new ideas and want some healthy choices? Check out one of my favorite websites:

Danielle Walker lists recipes that are easy to follow and have alternatives to avoid dairy/grain/sugar along with great photos!

#23 (Friday 1/29)  Still having a hard time getting vegetables in? (yourself or the lovelies in your life?) Peek at Jessica Seinfeld's "Deceptively Delicious" recipes where she integrates pureed vegetables to some family favorites! For anyone who says they don't like vegetables, they cant eat that many vegetables or for any other objections, try this out:

#24 (Sat 1/30)  In order to create change in our (fill in the blank here: diet, weight, health...) something has to change and change my friends is something that most of us work really hard to avoid. I love the book, "Success Principals" From Jack Canfield. I made myself this summary (of this really great book) and try and step back and look at it often: "Be ruthlessly honest, take inventory and then take action. It is uncomfortable to make a change, we pretend not to see so that we can avoid being uncomfortable. Be willing to pay attention to what you are doing the and the results you are producing.

Either you are drinking enough water or your not. Either you are making healthy food choices to set you up for success or your not. Ether you are doing some exercise every day or your not. (Or focusing on what is important to you or spending time with what is not nurturing you...this list could go on...) No excuses. Give up the excuses and change your behavior.

#25 (sun 1/31)  E+R+O (Events + Responses = Outcome)

In his book, "Success Principals" Jack Canfield gives this formula for success. The Events in life may not be in your control but our response is always, 100% in our own control. The deciding factor of the outcome is largely based on our responses. CHANGE. Change the things that count -> look at results, what works?

#26 (Monday 2/1) Speaking of change: We are going to be doing a full cleanse beginning Wednesday, February 17th for 40 days! We will implement so many of these ideas that we have been discussing since welcoming in 2021! There will be a beginner, medium and intense track for how this would best suite you! Keep checking in with us and we will continue to give every day ideas for success! Next Monday we will roll out what the game plan is for our 40 days!

#27 (Tuesday 2/2) Have you heard the old adage; “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”? That applies in so many ways to life and wellbeing. We talked earlier about food prep. Having a few good quick healthy snacks ready to go, can really help on the prevention part, making it easy to grab good stuff and leave the chip bag alone. The battle ground is the grocery aisles: if it does not make it into the cart, It won’t be in the cupboard if a snack attack comes calling.

Did you know if you stay in the outer circle of the grocery store that is where the healthier fresh food choices reside? If you dive into the ‘belly of the beast’ you are in the wasteland of processed foods, calorie dense and nutrient void foods, along with sugar laden drinks. Yes, even 100% fruit juice is just a sugary drink once you process the fiber and the fresh nutrient out of it. So the ounce of prevention here is make the trip to the grocery store a quick loop around the store. Fill that cart with apples, nuts, avocado, celery, carrots, cucumbers and hummus. Once home a quick wash and a chop chop, gets the snacks of choice handy for you’re next intentional snack. Good gadgets make it easy, my favorite apple slicer of all time is the Prepworks by Progressive 16-Slice Thin Apple Slicer & Corer. The attached safety cover, when used as a base, will push apple slices & the core clear of the blades. 16 slices makes the snack last longer, giving you more nibbling without more effort. Once you try it you will wonder why you haven’t gotten one for all the snack lovers in your life!

An apple a day…

#28 (wed 2/3)  How are you doing with your journaling? A great app for helping you with your food journal is the "My Fitness Pal" app there is a free version (comes with ads that sometimes pose as resources) and a "Premium" version (no ads). The thing I love about this app is that it helps you easily track your calorie intake and can help you track your "macros"(macronutrients: Carbohydrates, fats and protein intake) keep track of your water intake and log your daily exercise. Try it out:

#29  (Thur 2/4) Turkey "sausages" - Jessica Flannagan recipe

I love making this recipe (x3) and freezing these - it makes a great grab and go breakfast, or add to a salad or eggs. They warm up easy and make it so there is always something healthy to add to a meal or grab as a snack.

1 pound ground turkey ( I like the organic tube kind from New Pi, easy to keep in freezer and thaw when I have time to make)

1 heaping Tbls (fresh if possible) tarragon chopped (or pick your herb, its fun to try different ones here, you can also add chopped apple or carrots...)

½ onion finely chopped

2 tsp. apple cider vinegar

2 tsp coconut aminos

pinch salt & pepper


In a bowl, mix all the ingredients with clean hands. Form into 3 inch sized flat patties and place on a parchment lined cookie sheet. Cook in a 350 degree oven until turkey reaches an internal temperature of 160 degrees (about 20-25 minutes)

#30 (Friday 2/5)  Check yourself.

The food we eat is fuel for our bodies and not just skin, hair, muscles, bones, but all of the chemicals (hormones, neurotransmitters) and all the things that regulate how we think and feel.  You know that blood sugar balance is key to healthy living and that insulin is the hormone that gives your body immediate feedback to what you eat.  A simple way to help keep you in balance is to eat foods that are lower in the Glycemic Index (GI).  A diet that consists primarily of high GI foods can lead to carbohydrate cravings and an overall increase in appetite.  Take a peek and see if you can swap out something from your food choices to something that is a lower GI food.

Top Low GI Foods



Top High GI Foods





Berries & Cherries











White Potato




Chips (Corn & Potato)

Nuts (Almonds, walnuts)




Oatmeal (Unsweetened)



(most) Breakfast cereal




Soda, snacks, white bread, bagels (processed Flour)

#31 (Sat 2/6) Hamster wheel?

Have you ever noticed that you seem to crave what you eat?  For instance, if you are on a daily cookie habit, you will be craving cookies.  When we eat a lot of high Glycemic Index (GI) foods it can lead to carbohydrate cravings and an overall increase in appetite and result in weight gain.  Cravings lead to intake of high GI foods leads to increased blood sugar levels leads to higher insulin levels leads to increased stored body fat leads to increased cravings (and around you go….).  Break your cycle: make sure you are picking easy snacks and foods that are lower GI.  If you do have higher GI foods, try to keep portions small, add some protein or combine with a lower GI food to maintain healthy insulin levels.  Add some exercise to reduce insulin levels and burn instead of store fat and make sure you check in with how much water you have been drinking your water before you grab that snack and check in with what you need, not just what you are craving.  

#32 (Sunday 2/7) Take your daily vitamins:  We always try to get the majority of our nutrition from our diets, but adding supplementation is key.   Specific vitamins, mineral, essential fatty acids help support your system and modify your sensitivity to insulin.  A great multivitamin, a fish oil, a good vitamin D and some fantastic antioxidants are great support for your system.  A few of our favorites:

#33  What track do you want to pick next week?  (Remember?  We are going to start a cleanse on Wednesday, February 17th….)

If you have never done a cleanse before and not sure you would ever want to?   You would pick the beginning track:  That will be to download the “My Fitness Pal” and start logging your macros (micronutrients: Protein, carbohydrates and fats) and then we will start setting goals.  Intermediate track: You need to get back into your journaling, start the My Fitness Pal to make food journaling easier and we start off with No sugar and work our way to no grains, no caffeine, and no dairy – working on an elimination to see how your body does without.  Track three is we hit the ground running: elimination right away starting day one.  Start thinking about what would serve you, your body and your needs the best.  It’s time to spring clean: our body is ready!  Start considering and make a commitment to what you need.  Put the 17th on the calendar, we will be getting ready the days before to plan for success no matter what track you choose! (This is gonna be awesome!)

#34 Tuesday 2/9  On the road again…

We often do things the same way, drive to work, brush your teeth, many things we do go back to childhood including the way we eat.  We are on a journey to open up to change and to be aware of our choices (sometimes great, sometimes they could be a little better…)  we are on our way.  If you haven’t yet today:

  • Give yourself a big hug!  Your body does lots for you (thank you, thank you, thank you!!) 
  • Print off the grocery list that we posted earlier, if you missed it:
  • Take inventory of your fridge and pantry. (What is going to help you on this journey?  What do you need to clear out?)
  • Create a shopping list. 

One of our favorite strategies is to print off some recipes: soups are great and easy to freeze in individual containers, crock pot or instant pot recipes to plan for during the week and plenty of veg so that once cleaned and in the fridge you can add to salads, snacks and meals.  Make sure if there are specific spices or ingredients, you add them to your list so you’re ready to go!  You are on your way!

#35 (Wednesday 2/10) “But me no buts” The Busie Body 1709 play by Susanna Centlivre

‘BUT, I’m planning a trip’ or ‘but I have a special event’ or ‘but it doesn’t work when I….’ I like to call this my excuse ninjas, pow pow! ‘This is why this won’t work for me,’ I can’t do this because’ (a left and then a right!) Are you an excuse ninja?  Get clear on what you are doing and why:  We are cleaning up and it is long overdue, if it was an easy process, there would not be 72 million dollars spent yearly by Americans on “weight loss industry” (what you are embarking upon is not that!)  As my mother would say; “If IF’s and BUTS were candy and nuts we would all have a wonderful Christmas.”  I have never truly understood that!  BUT my interpretation is: just move, if you wait for the perfect time or the perfect situation you will never accomplish anything.  Stop waiting for perfect, download the app, print the grocery list, take inventory and let’s go! 

#36 (Thursday 2/11) I love this recipe for Sheet Pan Carrot, Ginger, &Fennel Soup from Hy-Vee
-We modify the recipe by substituting the olive oil out for avocado oil, and the half and half out for whole coconut milk which adds great flavor and makes it vegan. - You can spice it up by adding your favorite herbs. We love this soup with a teaspoon or four of turmeric.
- Our family doubles the recipe and freezes half in individual containers for a quick meal on the go. Double the recipe means double the sheet pans! Use two sheets to ensure your pan is not overcrowded and veggies are well roasted.
- My daughter Michaela loves it with crunch while I prefer mine pureed. For pureed, blend both batches well. For more crunch, we cook the second pan of veg al dente and blend lightly for bigger chunks Let us know what you think!

Sheet Pan Carrot, Ginger, and Fennel Soup
Hy-Vee Test Kitchen
Carrots, ginger, and fennel are a match made in soup heaven. Roast these vegetables in the oven and then pulse in a blender or food processor to make your soup.
Servings and Ingredients
Quantity Ingredient Add
2 medium fennel bulbs, cored, sliced, and fronds reserved for garnish
1 (12-oz.) pkg. petite baby carrots
1 medium yellow onion, sliced
1 medium shallot, sliced
2 clove(s) garlic, smashed
2 tbsp. Gustare Vita olive oil, plus additional for garnish
1 tbsp. fresh ginger, grated
1 tsp. ground coriander
1 tsp. Hy-Vee ground cumin
Hy-Vee salt
2 c. Hy-Vee vegetable broth
½ c. Hy-Vee half and half
1. Step1
Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Line a large sheet pan with aluminum foil and spray with nonstick cooking spray; set aside.
2. Step2
Place fennel, baby carrots, onions, shallot, and garlic onto prepared baking sheet. Toss with olive oil, ginger, coriander, cumin, and salt. Bake 30 to 35 minutes, or until carrots and fennel are tender.
3. Step3
Place half of vegetables and 1 cup vegetable broth into a blender or food processor. Pulse until chopped. Remove from blender and pour into a large serving bowl. Place remaining vegetables, broth, and half and half to blender or food processor. Blend until smooth. Stir into large serving bowl.
4. Step4
Just before serving, garnish soup with additional drizzle of olive oil and reserved fennel fronds, if desired.
Nutrition facts (for soup with dairy - will change if you sub in coconut milk)
120 Calories per serving
1 cup
Amounts Per Serving
• Total Fat: 5g
o Saturated Fat: 0.5g
o Trans Fat: 0g
• Cholesterol: 0mg
• Sodium: 330mg
• Total Carbohydrates: 17g
o Dietary Fiber: 5g
o Total Sugars: 9g
 Added Sugars: 0g
• Protein: 3g
Vitamin D0%

#37 Friday 2/12/21 If you haven’t been following along on our Facebook... starting next Wednesday (Ash Wednesday!) we are going to be starting a 40 day “cleanse” some May feel a little overwhelmed about the idea of this 40 days thing...An easy first step is to map out a plan to start weaning off, with the plan to give up one thing. Soda and other sugary soft drinks may be one of the sneakiest places that you are getting little to no nutritional benefit, but are one of the leading causes of obesity. Look at your calendar, set the date to only consume half of what you are currently, give yourself 3-5 days at half then cut that down and so on. Think about how this would work the best for you. If something is giving you no benefit, and potentially doing you harm, isn’t it time to let it go? Use your 40 days to set this plan of action for yourself!

#38 Saturday 2/13/21  Let’s talk antioxidants! Since the start of Covid, one thing that has rung true throughout is that we all need to work on our own good health, there are several supplements we suggest, but antioxidants are on the top of our list! An easy, inexpensive way to get antioxidants = green tea. Google green tea and peek at the list of things green tea is associated with: Contains healthy bioactive compounds. ... May improve brain function. ... Increases fat burning. ... Antioxidants may lower the risk of some cancers. ... May protect the brain from aging. ... May reduce bad breath. ... May help prevent type 2 diabetes. ... May help prevent cardiovascular disease.

What about trying out green tea? I like mine with ginger and a squeeze of orange – when you prep veg for the week, have fresh fruit and some citrus ready to go also. Try making ice cubes with fresh fruit: Place a cup of berries in a food processor or blender and pulse gently until roughly chopped. In a pourable container, combine berries, fresh juice and lime zest. Pour into ice cube trays. Freeze for 2 hours or until set.

#39 Sunday 2/14/21   Happy Valentine’s Day!!! 💕How are you doing with your journaling? Being aware or mindful of how we care for ourselves is the first step in our journey. When I was taking classes to become certified in Acupuncture, I was amazed how much time is spent discussing digestion and what and how to combine foods and to never stand and eat, sage advice from ages ago and we still need it...Slow down today, set a place for yourself to eat, take a breath, say grace and be aware of how you are taking great care of yourself and those you love!

#40 Monday 2/15/21  Gather your facts🤓If you have the "My Fitness Pal" app (which is free on apple and android phones) you know that you can enter your personal details in to your profile along with goals and the app will help you do the work you need to track your macros (how much protein, carbohydrates and fats) you are consuming daily. In the goals section you can enter your current weight and then enter what your goal weight is. There is a section for "weekly goal" and I would caution you to tap the breaks here, OUR GOAL is to be healthy, it's not about weight loss, it is about fueling your body with the best nutrients for the care and keeping of you, your brain/gut and when we do that the size of our butt is just a bonus for the great work you are doing!

Want a little more clarity on how much protein you need, try using, it factors in your age, gender and activity level.
Want to see where your BMI (Body Mass Index) is? Try
Calculate your body mass index in relation to your height and weight. The higher your BMI the higher your risk of illness and unhealthy aging. (Check out the "controlling your weight" tab to the right of the calculator box - really well done!)

This information helps you decide how many calories it takes to keep you at your current weight and how many calories and macros you need to take in daily to meet your goals. This my friends is the lifestyle part. Just like your bank account, you are going to have a budget. Our conversation with ourselves is about our budget. If you overspend you will be overdrawn. If you take in more calories than your body needs, your pants won't fit. This part of it is all math, if you can accept that you are not punishing yourself, you are in fact doing more to reward yourself to take good care and stay in budget.

#41 Tuesday 2/16/21  Get Ready: cleanse starts tomorrow! Some must do's before we begin. My family likes to have all the stuff we have agreed to give up out of reach, move or remove anything that you have decided you are giving up for the 40 days. (Throw away, donate, give away, not ready to totally get rid of it: move to section of fridge ((Condiments)) and use some painters tape to tape off- maybe at the end of the 40 days you will decide you no longer need or want or you will be ready to re-introduce and see if you still enjoy/need it. Good, running grocery list (you can do this with one of the apps for either grocery store or delivery service) Recipes for a few dishes to make, containers for taking meals to work, clean fridge so that it’s organized & ready for success. Lots of veg: I like to have it cleaned and ready to go, either to cook with, roast or to add raw to dishes. Really good olive oil, avocado oil, coconut aminos, apple cider vinegar and some fresh lemons. Protein: eggs, pork, chicken, beef, fish in the fridge or freezer OR have the vegan protein of your choice (a great resource is: She has "30 Whole 30 Vegan Recipes" Grab & Go Stuff: We like to have canned sardines, bars, (We really like the Epic and RX bars- but make sure bars are used sparingly and you are not overdoing the bars.) nuts and fruit/veg that is readily available so that it is easy to make good choices!

Clearvite (or what works for you here) Water bottle. Decide to be All In. You can do this, it’s for you, your health and not about depriving! It’s gonna be awesome! Have a recipe you love but think you can’t make it work? Email it to me at the office and let’s try to figure out a way! [email protected]
Save this picture, print it out and use this to keep you accountable! 😀If you are a spreadsheet person, make a spreadsheet and plug in your week for meal plans: Morning meal, snack, mid-day meal and snack and dinner. A great plan is to start keeping track of when you first break your fast in the morning and when you last eat = the window of time you are eating in. You can copy the food journal from our website: OR make your own! 😍

#42 Wednesday 2/17/21  Happy Wednesday!

Today we start, whether deciding to journal, begin an elimination of one or a few things or go all out with eliminating our big 4: gluten, dairy, sugar, alcohol. Maybe you have decided just to print off the veg tracker from our website ( (Once you are on our website go to NP center -> Nutrition Forms -> Veg Chart.) and start adding vegetables to your meals. How this works best for you is what will work best. I was going to fill in the first week “weekly meal planner” (from yesterday’s post) but you got this. Be bold but don’t overwhelm yourself, pick one or two new recipes this first week and decide what works best for you. (Did you prep your veg? Maybe paying a little more and purchasing the pre-cut/prepped veg is more time and cost effective for you.) I am a cookbook junkie, I like the paper, I love a sticky note on a page to help remind me what I want to try and it is easy to tell the books I love that have helped me, not only are there lots of sticky notes, but messy pages from being open in the kitchen while cooking. Let us know what is working for you, websites, Pinterest, cookbooks?


We look forward to hearing from you


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