“Dr. Powell has been instrumental in me getting back a life.

Before I came to him, I was spending 23 out of 24 hours a day in bed. My head was in constant pain; I could hardly think, I could hardly remember anything, have a conversation, or read 2 sentences and remember or comprehend what they were about.

My balance was so off that walking was causing injury to my joints and I walked only minimally to avoid pain and injury.

With the adjustments and doing the exercises and following the directions of Dr. Powell my brain is no longer in pain, my balance has significantly improved. I can walk freely no with no pain or joint injury- I can comprehend what I read, remember things, and actually have a conversation. I have been able to get a job which I was unable to do when I started seeing him.

In addition to being highly skilled, Dr. Powell is kid and compassionate- he never gave up on me.

I can’t really do justice here with words for what he’s done.”

Elizabeth M

"Dr Shanahan, Blessed is how I feel when I think of you! You have helped me in more ways than I can count and I intend on being the best me I can be and now that is 10 pounds less thanks to you!"


" Dr. Powell and Dr. Shanahan are both personally invested in your health and healing. I came to Powell Chiropractic after my son was referred by his neurologist and after my son was seen by Dr. Powell, I began treatment as well.  I was having nerve pain in my neck which went down my arm on and off for a year. Dr. Powell recommended I try the Cold Laser therapy. After 3 sessions my pain was gone. I have also had the cold laser treatment on my feet and after 1 session the pain in my feet was also gone. Laser therapy is the best thing ever! The staff at Powell Chiropractic is great and they truly care about your health and healing." 


“I feel normal for the first time in a very long time. Listening to and following Dr. Powell’s suggestions is the smartest thing I’ve ever done.”

Brenda C

“The therapies were successful beyond my wildest hopes, I went from bed-ridden to being able to be active.”


Jack suffered from a TBI during a bike accident 5 years ago.

"Since Jack started coming to Powell Chiropractic, circumstances have changed. Jack has had improvement in expressive speech, balance, coordination, visual tracking, focus, attention, and his mood. He has made tremendous progress with the quality care Dr. Powell has provided. He is caring, patient, and is thorough with developing a plan to best meet Jacks needs. We are grateful for the quality of care our son receives from Dr. Powell and his staff."

Laurie (Mother of Jack)

“The staff at Powell Chiro is excellent- very professional, knowledgeable, efficient, and personable. I had a great experience and will come back in the future for additional adjustments, etc. as needed.”

John B

"I feel truly blessed to have found Powell Chiropractic in more ways than one.  I started seeing Dr. Powell because I suffer from tension headaches that turn into migraines and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).  He has helped me keep my tension headaches and IBS under control which allows me to enjoy my life without being under home arrest.

However, the true reason why I feel blessed to have met Dr. Powell is because he has helped my now 7 year old daughter.  In January, 2009, my daughter was just 4 1/2 years old; she was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  She had to undergo surgery which caused her to basically be a vegetable.  My daughter had to relearn how to walk, talk, eat, drink, everything except breathe.  After undergoing chemotherapy, radiation, and tons of other therapies, she was still having a lot of balance issues and had slow processing.  She would fall down all the time and had bruises and scrapes on her legs to show for it.  We had to make 3 ER visits within a 6 month time period because of falls.  If you asked her a question, you would have to wait an extended time in order for her to answer.  In August of 2011, I took my daughter to the Center of Development of Disabilities (CDD) at the University of Iowa to be evaluated.  An occupational therapist (OT), a physical therapist (PT), a psycologist, and an education consultant all evaluated her.  It was determined that my daughter had a cognitive delay and they recommended OT and PT once a week.

During the same month as the CDD evaluation (August, 2011), I decided to have my daughter seen by Dr. Mike Powell.  I will admit that I was skeptical at first but I was willing to try anything for my daughter.  So I opted out of having her seen by an OT and PT and was just having her seen by Dr. Powell; so I would be able to tell what had helped my daughter.  Dr. Powell had me doing simple eye exercises with her 2 times a day.  Then we added some balance beam-type exercises and then we started playing catch.  Now only 10 months later and after all the different exercises and several adjustments, my daughter is now running, playing and responding almost like any other typical 8 year old.  She is now able to actually jump again which before was impossible without falling.  Dr. Powell has done wonders with my daughter.  He has given me back the peace of mind in knowing that I can send her to school and not have to worry whether or not we have have to make an ER visit because of a fall.

He doesn't rush through our appointments.  He takes the time to listen to you and makes sure that you understand his instructions.  The only thing I do regret is not finding him sooner.  Dr. Powell is a very friendly, caring person and an amazing chiropractor!  The entire staff at Powell Chiropractic is absolutely amazing.  Everyone is very nice, patient and helpful.  The office actually caters towards children as well.  They have coloring pages and puzzles to help entertain my girls while I am being adjusted.

Yvette B

"Around my 4th month of pregnancy I developed severe pelvic and pubic bone pain.  I tried physical therapy but that did not help with the pain.  Since I started coming to Dr. Shanahan I have much less pain when I am walking, climbing stairs and getting in and out of bed.  Prior to seeing Dr. Shanahan, this pain was unbearable.  I would recommend Dr. Shanahan to any pregnant woman!"



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